Time to collect blackberries – Act 21



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This time of the year is time to collect blackberries in Sicily. A bit of time to be in touch with nature, chatting and smiling under the brightest sun, while men prepare the barbeque to relax after the hard work (well, not too hard). Tasty blackberry compote is what followed from the master hands of Pina.

Simplicity, in every way, is the absolute magnetism of this land. Nothing is thought ahead to be pretty, styled or matched but everything is just the prettiest in its pure and simplest version. I got there with my super shorts to combat the heat, but the wild plants around almost killed my legs, so the ever so famous “boyfriend old trousers” saved my day. That’s what I would call practical fashion- love it.

I’m missing summer in Almeria or Sicily or anywhere were you can just forget your city luggage and merge with the land. This year is all about London, but to be honest is not behaving too bad this season; still is not the same, is it? These days I dream with that simplicity of our home towns and the burning heat from which I complain so much when I have it.

I hope you are having a great summer wherever you are.

  Photographers: Kamurryah (instagram @kamurryah) & Martina (instagram @martina_longhi)

Old Boyfriend trousers, Zara t-shirt, Vans Shoes & Nature shawl


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