-Worried? -who, me?!



What do you do when you are worried? Neglect it? Keep yourself extremely busy? I do both! It doesn’t occur very frequently because I’m extremely relaxed with everything –maybe too much- but when it happens…there we go! I bury myself in stupid things to do as if the end of the world was going to happen if I don’t do them all, and if possible, simultaneously. It works! It really does. Just in case you needed a trick…

I’m having a lot of fun drawing with the tablet; it’s certainly a different experience and keeps my mind completely occupied when it’s needed. Worried? Maybe…

I’m trying to define my style in illustrations which at the moment is completely random and inexistent. That’s why I did a few versions: 1- the realistic version -well, as realistic as it can be with red hair and looking the sister of Medusa- (at the bottom) 2- the minimalistic and more abstract version (at the top). After a few re-examinations (keeping it mild) I went for the abstract version. I feel more identified with that one but I would love to know your opinion. Which one do you prefer, the realistic or the minimal/abstract one? I would love to have some feedback!





6 thoughts on “-Worried? -who, me?!

  1. A mi me gustan mucho los dos, pero el de arriba me parece más artístico. Como de un momento de reflexión se trata, el 1º sugiere con la mancha amarilla esas dudas/ inquietudes q todos podemos tener; x lo q invita a la reflexión. El 2º es muy bonito tb, pero me pone nerviosa el pelo en el ojo! :P Un besoteee

    • A mi el segundo me recuerda al personaje mitologico de Medusa, la que lleva la cabeza llena de serpientes…jaja
      Gracias por tu comentario, me gusta saber tu opinion. MUAK!

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