Cover me up!

It’s been a while since I wanted to post these pictures that kamurryah took last summer. I love these pictures, especially because my face is hidden!

I’m getting super repetitive with summer themes but it’s just the consequence of not having a hint of sea this year. For one who comes from Almería, it’s hard, I tell you.

We were in the Eolian Islands with a small boat –honestly, small for full family in, think big brother on boat… but terribly fun- and the sun was just too strong, no matter how many times per hour I applied the protection, I just felt burning all the time. I had that colourful scarf that I was using for the hair and it turned to be just the perfect relieve.

The wind did most of the job sticking the scarf on my face, and the soft material gave me THE perfect shadow without losing anything from the landscape -well, a bit of colour distortion, but nothing major-

I really like these pictures because of the fluidity that runs through all of them, the colours and the simplicity.  I can feel the wind and the heat again when I look at them. Thanks kamurryah!

Do you have any trick to cover up in summer?

Pictures by Kamurryah


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